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Laundry day was always on Mondays when I was growing up in the fifties and sixties.

Clothes were washed either by hand in the cast iron sinks in my Grandmother's basement

or washed in her wringer washer. The sound of the old Maytag making swooshing noises

while the laundry agitated was loud. There was no mistake it was laundry day. To those of

you who did not have this memory here are the steps that were taken. First you filled the tub

with water and your laundry soap. You would put your clothes in, turn it on and the agitator

would begin moving the clothes. Once this was done, you put your clothes through the wringer into the rinse water in the sink. Then after reversing the wringer you would feed the

clothes back through into clean rinse water into the tub. Feed clothes back through the wringer on more time making sure you did not get your fingers caught or hair. We were reminded that constantly. Now you were ready to hang your clothes on the clothes line outside. If it was winter you hung them in the basement. It was a lot of work but it seemed clothes were cleaner. I remember there was always a box of bluing and Argo Starch box in the basement for whitening and starching clothes. I know bluing can be bought today. Maybe I should look into it for my vintage linens and doilies I can not resist buying.

Today I have a fancy washer and dryer that makes chimes when its done or I can program them from my phone. Unfortunately, I do not use that feature as I am still a little bit old school. I also have neglected not to learn how to do that.

Tuesdays were ironing days. My grandmother ironed everything and I mean everything!

Even my grandfathers underwear did not escape being creased. There was always a bottle with a sprinkler cap to dampen the clothes. Spray starch was also present on the ironing board.

I wanted to string some clothes line this summer but it didn't happen. Hopefully, this year.

Collecting old linens which is one of my favorite passions as you probably know usually have

light staining. Washing and hanging linens on a clothes line in the sunlight will help bleach out some stains. Also, I love crawling into bed sheets that have that fresh air smell. The laundry basket you see below is antique which I purchased at an auction. It is up for sale. The little green dress is a clothes pin hanger. Adorable right!! It is for sale in my Etsy store. If you have any questions on anything just email me at

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Stacey Edwards
Stacey Edwards
18 nov 2021

Love that basket! Would make a cute blanket basket or maybe even a cute bassinet!

Me gusta
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