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Barbie or How This Famous Doll Saved My Childhood

The year was 1959 and it was Christmas. All I wanted was a Barbie Doll to play with as

did every young girl at that time. Santa brought me my wish. From there on I was hooked.

I convinced my parents over the next few years to buy her clothes, a house, cars and other

doll friends. This passion consumed most of my time playing and I even thought I wanted to

be a fashion designer. Of course that never came to be as I never did advance my drawing skills. Sometimes my childhood wasn't the smoothest as my Dad was an alcoholic who occasionally had our family unit upset with his behavior. I will not go into detail but one can

imagine who have gone through this themselves. Anyway, Barbie was my escape and therapy throughout my young developmental years. As time went on I became a teenager and The Beatles entered my life. Actually, it was my Dad who bought me my first Beatle Album but we will leave that for another Blog.

We all have that toy or passion in our childhood that never leaves us. My girls played with

Barbie and my boys with Ninja Turtles and Thundercats.

As a thrifter, it is in my blood not to throw things away. It can be a curse because now I am at

the point in my life I have to get rid of all things I have hung on to. In case your wondering, I

do not have my original Barbie. When I moved on to the Beatles I passed them on to my cousin. Darn, that Barbie would have been worth a few thousand dollars in todays market!

Let your children be children. Imaginative play is such an important step in their development. Treasure the things they play with as those toys will always be a part of them and who they are.

Side note: I have not had a thrifting out therapy day in two months so gotta run....

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